Hi all,
I'm interested in hearing input on this topic from women diagnosed with POF. I am not pursuing IVF or IUI, and I'm not taking any drugs such as Clomid. I lost my period for 3 months, got the POF diagnosis, have ovulated regularly in the 4 months that followed.

My protocol for 2 cycles was to get an ultrasound ovulation was approaching. I had a good follicle each time and was given the HCG trigger shot and 2 shots of progesterone in follow-up visits. This was to deal with my short luteal phase. It improved my phase to 11/12 days, but nothing else.

For my current cycle, I decided to skip the u/s and shots to see if the 400 mg/day of the herb Vitex/Chasteberry would lengthen my luteal phase. I understand it can take up to 3 mths to work. I started taking it around Day 10. I did not ovulate until Day 21 (usually I do on Day 17). My luteal phase went back down to 9 days (I didn't expect it to work right away).
My hope was that the herb could do the trick naturally, and then I am not bound to visiting the clinic every month for shots. But I am also about to turn 39, and it's hard to wait around for something that may/may not work. I am a bit concerned about the way it may have delayed my ovulation.

1. Have other women experienced success/failure in correcting luteal phase defect with ONLY vitex/Chasteberry? (I am doing acup and eating well).

2. Are there any other POF women who are pursuing the HCG trigger shot, timed intercourse, and follow-up prog. shots (or capsules), but not other fertility drugs? (*not because I think that is wrong...everyone has their own path on this hard road*) I just want to see if anyone else is trying this protocol.

I would like to hear about these experiences as I consider my choices. Many thanks!