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Possibly pregnancy on depo shot? Anybody have experience?

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    Possibly pregnancy on depo shot? Anybody have experience?

    I have been on the depo for a year and a half now, I did have the constant bleeding/ spotting for a a few months, but never an actual period. After my last injection (beginning of November) The bleeding stopped, and everything was fine and dandy.
    Seeing as I don't get a period, this is why I'm confused--I can't tell if I'm pregnant or not. Around December 7th, I felt like I was ovulating, or should be getting a period- Ovaries hurt, crampy, etc. The 13th, I had unprotected sex, and then again on the 20th-- Except, I bled thin, light pink. I didn't think too much of it until a few days later when I started getting pain in my right ovary (not bad), and in my lower abdomen, and I also began spotting brown...But it's different than how my "normal depo spotting" looks. My first thought was implantation bleeding.
    I also have some other symptoms, but I also get cysts, and I'm wondering if this sounds like pregnancy, cysts, or something else? I took a test yesterday, (12-27) and it was negative, but is it too soon to tell? The symptoms I have are
    * Constant headache for over a week now
    * Lower abdominal pressure/ pain
    * Frequent urination
    * Constantly dizzy, especially if I don't eat
    * Food tastes different?
    * And still brown spotting, but only when I wipe...

    Any thoughts are appreciated

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    Curiositykills, welcome hun. Those can be pregnancy symptoms and they could be symptoms of other things as well. Every women is different and hormones do some crazy things. If in a few days AF doesn't show up or you still are getting a BFN, I would see your Dr. and get a beta test and go from there. I'm sorry you are in limbo right now and I hope that you find out what's going on soon. Please keep us updated!
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    Welcome to FT!

    My first question is when was your last shot before the one in November? Was it on schedule? If so that would make it sometime in August, right? If it was then I would say you are NOT pregnant. Even if the last shot was sometime in the last six months, meaning over due, still, not PG.

    It is very normal for there to be random bleeding/spotting with Depo Provera. It is also very normal to NEVER have a period on Depo and usually that is the case after you have been on it for a while. Periods becoming very infrequent as time goes on and it really isnt even a period anymore (because you are not ovulating) it is just "breakthrough bleeding" which does not show up the same. It can be watery/pink, brown or even heavy.

    As far as your symptoms, most of them are normal for Depo and can certainly be indicative of a virus or other infection. If you dont improve in a few days, go see your family doc.

    I myself took the Depo shot for years starting about 19 years ago, and my doc at the time is actually one of them on the team that developed it, so I was given TONS of info because it was barely out of the trial stage.

    Pregnancy on Depo is EXTREMELY unlikely, and even after the shots are ceased, it takes about 12-18 months (on average) for fertility to return to normal.

    But irregardless, we are not MD's (at least most of us) and even those of us on here that are in the medical field, we cannot give medical advice. Call your docs office, have them draw blood if you are truly concerned. Even if your last exposure date was 12-20 your beta PG test will show a positive result (if you are indeed PG) by 1-2.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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