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Sore muscles normal in early pregnancy?

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    Sore muscles normal in early pregnancy?

    I am 5 weeks 4 days and I have all the typicla symptoms of fatigue, sore boobs and the feeling that I want to eat everything in sight! Lately I have been noticing that my legs, arms, stomach, you name is sore! I feel like I a ran a marathon! I know I don't have the flu so is this normal? Even when my DH huggs me, my whole body is sore :-( It's a little scary :-(
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    Its normal, at least i felt the same way
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    Remember you are building a baby in your belly and your body has to go through some really crazy changes! I promise it will get better!! Good luck and enjoy!!!!
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    I think everyone experiences different symptoms w/different intensities. Believe me, fatigue and soreness are NOT unheard of! I would say that in the beginning of my pregnancy it was more fatigue and now, towards the middle/end there's more soreness.
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    I was very sore in the beginning and horrible fatigue. Soreness went away for while but is coming back here and there. My fatigue goes up and down but I am working a lot right now.

    Good luck.
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    Normal. Your whole body will ache sometimes. Even though the fetus is small, you still have stretching and hormones that your body isn't used to.

    I had cramp like pains early in pregnancy also. The doc said that is normal.

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    Hello ladies can i add in my miseries too.... i jus found out yesterday from my doc that am 4 weeks preggo.... i also have achy muscles, boobs (not much), fatigue.... and i have abdominal pains also sometimes... is that normal? my doc said i have some follicles that didnt mature ( i have pcos so the doc used injectibles for ovulation) thats causing the pain.... Anyone else of u had similiar probs... pls let me know cos am new in this n nervous wreck that i'll loose the baby or somethin....

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