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Baby constantly pushing out on stomach?

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    Baby constantly pushing out on stomach?

    I'm 28 weeks, 4 days today. The baby constantly feels like s/he is pushing out on my stomach. I look liked an alien. Is this normal? It also feels like the baby likes to sit really far forward, so I feel tight and heavy in the front.
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    Pretty normal and it gets worse as the baby gets bigger.
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    It is also worse with your first pregnancy because things haven't been stretched out yet.
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    Totally and completely normal. I remember with DS#1, I could see the imprint of his little foot he used to push so hard. I would rub it and he would slowly take it away. DD was so quiet and hardly pushed and DS#2 was a pusher as well. I used to have to wait to move sometimes when he pushed because it would take my breath away.
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    When I was pregnant with my twins DH and I would sit and watch them move from the outside when there was nothing good on TV, lol! Toward the end of my pregnancy we could even identify some body parts.
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