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Philosophy Products?- Safe?

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    Philosophy Products?- Safe?

    Hey all,

    I love the Philosophy products (face wash and lotion). These are called Purity and Hope in a Jar.....if you know about these, could you tell me if these are safe to use? Have you heard anything about these items?

    Do you know of any face wash and/or face lotion that are safe? I just don't want to use something with chemicals that are not safe.

    Or does this matter???

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    You guys probably already know this, but don't use anything with salicylic acid in it. I was surprised to find out how many of my face products had it in them, not just the products that say they are able to clear up your face, the regular stuff I use had it in there too!

    Not sure about the Philosophy products, Jeppy, but to feel better...you can show all your stuff to your OB and ask their opinion. I took some of mine in, but they said not to worry b/c not enough of it is absorbed through the skin.

    I wish there was some huge book or website out there that listed everything and its affect on our babies. It can be nerve wracking figuring this stuff out!
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    jeppy - I use Philosophy products (shower gel - Bubbly, Hope in a Jar, and Purity) I was told that those are safe to use. I was using the microderm cleansing pads, but stopped. I found a very knowledgeable cosmetic professional at Sephora that I ask all sorts of questions. I know that the Caudalie brand is safe to use - it is made from grapes. (of course, I asked my derm and RE too!)
    Hope this helps!!

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