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Progesterone levels - oral vs. vaginal Prometrium

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    Progesterone levels - oral vs. vaginal Prometrium

    I have a question about progesterone levels. I've been doing vaginal Prometrium since ovulation, and am now 4w6d pregnant. This past Monday (4w1d) my progesterone level was 24, and on Thursday (4w4d) it was 16.4.

    On Sunday night, I mistakenly took my Prometrium orally, because it was sitting in my little pile of pills and I was popping them without thinking. Every day after that, I took them vaginally, as usual.

    Would this explain the drop in progesterone level? I've read that when you take the Prometrium vaginally, it goes straight to your uterus and therefore doesn't show as much in your blood. I'm trying not to freak out too much, but I've had 2 m/c in the past year so it's hard not to worry!
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    Hi Lacie,

    I am taking Prometruim 200Mg. My doctor told me that
    either way was effective, just taking them vaginally would give you
    less side effects than if you took it orally.

    I know how you feel about being freaked out, when they called
    me with my levels I was 7 1/2 wks and my progesterone level
    was only a 10. They said the normal range was 15.
    They told me about 3 to 4 days after taking the Prometruim
    my level should triple. I am on my 10th week and they
    don't want to recheck my level. So all I can do is pray like
    everyone else.

    I hope you find some comfort- and know you are not alone on
    being nervous or scared.

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    i was on 200 mg 2x daily taken vaginally. my OB wouldn't do a check because she said then when you introduce progest vaginally it doesn't cross the blood stream.

    try not to worry. i know that's a lot easier said than done.

    I frizzle chickens!!

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    I took 100mg 2x/day vaginally. I took it until 13 weeks with first pg and until 12 weeks with this pg. My level was a 10 both time when I started taking it and I had no further issues once I started taking it.
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