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Crossing legs & sleeping on back

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    Crossing legs & sleeping on back

    It's been a long time since I was pg and I swear I remember reading something way back when that you should avoid crossing your legs. Does anyone else know if that's true? If so - what's the medical reasoning behind it? I have always crossed my legs at work and everytime I do it now I try & catch myself and keep my feet flat. But to be honest with you - it's giving me backaches keep my feet on the floor

    Oh, I have always been a side sleeper which I know is what's recommended with pregnancy but for some reason I keep finding myself on my back now. And I hate to admit this but I've been sleeping better on my back and toss & turn all night going from one side to the other I know the medical reasons behind sleeping on your side, especially your left side, but I'd like to know up until what point it's okay if you fall asleep on your back. I don't know if this makes a difference but I am pg with twins. I'm going to stop at the store tonight and buy a couple body pillows (one for my front and one for my back) with hopes that will help prevent me from rolling onto my back.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I bought some body pillows from Walmart and they help a great deal.

    Another question along this train of thought is: How far elevated do you need to be sitting if you are going to try and sleep that way? Do you have to be completely sitting or can you be slightly elevated?


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    I've wondered about belly sleeping...? I find that I wake up on my belly sometimes. I'm not huge yet, so I guess I'm more on side/tummy, than directly on tummy...
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    I went for my first Child Birthing Series Class last night and they brought up a lot of the old wives tales and crossing your legs is one of them. The myth is if you cross your legs you will cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby's neck which is false so go ahead and cross your legs. Now as for the sleeping on the back. I have always been a side sleeper too and when I got pregnant I would wake up all the time on my back and actually felt more comfortable for the first time in my life on my back. I was told it was ok until you got bigger and I did until about 5 1/2 months and then all of a sudden it wasn't comfortable anymore. Your body will tell you when you can't anymore.
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    There is a medical thing with crossing your legs -- it increases the risk of getting vericous veins -- not dangerous, just not attractive. This is always the case, but with pgcy they are more common anyway.

    The back sleeping isn't something to be overly worried about. In theory the baby could put pressure on the main artery running through the body. It's not a "hidden" danger though. If it happens, you will know it because you will feel nausous or light headed. Your body will let you know there is a problem before any harm would come to the baby. As for left side vs right side -- there are pros and cons to each. The left side keeps pressure totally away from the artery, but puts pressure on your stomach. So if you are having heartburn or feeling sick, you'll probaby feel better on your right.

    As for belly sleeping -- your body will tell you when to stop.
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