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    Sea bands?

    Has anyone ever used these for their LO? We are going on a cruise over Xmas and I was thinking about getting these for my almost 4 year old.. do they work? Are there kid sizes and adult sizes or is it all one size? I figured I would have him wear it just as a precaution, he does not have a history of motion sickness.

    Any input?
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    I have never used them, but there is a chewable Dramamine and Bonine. My boys get car sick on long rides and air sick on the airplane so I have used the Dramamine for several years because I got tired of having vomit every time we traveled.

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    They come in chuldrens and adults. I bought them for myself to combat morning sickness and got no relief from them. I bought a set for my now 4 year old because, since she was a baby, gets car sick. They have never worked for her. I recommend the dramamine or similar.
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    The best thing to combat motion sickness at sea is to make sure your stomach is never empty. Doesn't have to be full, just not empty. Which, imo, isn't really an issue on a cruise ship, lol. That pearl of wisdom was given to me by a newly retired Navy Capt. I once had a child when I worked in preschool who got car sick quite a bit, so his ped recommended he chew gum in the car. Don't know if there's some physical explanation or if it just distracted him, but his Mom swore by it!

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    They do have child sized sea bands in fun colors and even camo. I ordered mine from drugstore.com but I have seen them at Wal-Mart. My dd would get car sick quite a bit so I would put them on her all the time. She was young, so she couldn't tell me if they actually worked, but she only got sick once while wearing them. Eventually she would take them off and throw them so we stopped putting them on her. If I were you I would probably get them and use them. I would rather try to prevent motion sickness than have to treat it. Have a great time!
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    Are you talking about with a pressure point and with velcro? Sho often gets carsick and a few FT ladies recommended those. I got one for Sho and it worked the first couple of times (we were excited!) but then after that, didn't seem to work.

    So now, we just give him the equivalent of your dramamine there. It is more effective and consistent.

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    I have not used them for the kids but I did use them during pregnancy with Rowan. I was sick from beginning to end and those things were a lifesaver for me! I had three pairs so I never going myself without them.

    They are not fashionable by any means but they shouldn't irritate them much. And even then, only if they wear them 24/7.
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