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Anyone take Caltrate while pregnant?

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    Anyone take Caltrate while pregnant?

    Hi: This is a weird question, but i was wondering if anyone took Caltrate during their pregnancy and if so, did they have any health issues with their child? I was told to take a calcium supplement by my OB and she mentioned Caltrate. I've taken it all throughout my pregnancy and today was online looking at calcium supplements and found that Caltrate has LEAD in it and that you should not take this if you're pregnant. (University of Michigan website). The FDA allows 6.0 mcg of lead in the diet per day and caltrate basically has that in there. i am going to stop taking that brand of calcium but am really scared that the baby might have lead issues?? I am also PISSED that there is nothing on the Caltrate bottle that says that it contains lead. ARGH...

    anyway, just wondering if anyone else took this and hopefully had no issues?
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    I take Citrical petites. I wonder if those have lead in them? I used to take Caltrate.
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    My OB prescribed 1 iron pill and 2 calcium pills daily (oscal). She likes too give extra for twin moms. Plus I take a daily prenatal vitamin.
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