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2 year old with loose stool?

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    2 year old with loose stool?

    My DS, who just turned 2, has suddenly started having loose stools. Started about 2 weeks ago, and it's loose and worse smelling than usual, but it's still only 2x a day, which is what he's always done. He's had bugs in the past where he goes once every 1-2 hours and this isn't the same - it's his usual times - once in the morning and once at night - but definitely much yuckier than usual. He had it for about 4 days about 2 weeks ago, then had 3 days where he was totally fine, back to normal BM's, and then started up again last Thursday with the loose stools again and it's been like this for 5-6 days straight now (I hope this isn't TMI, but the stools are also greenish instead of brown). I would have thought that if it were a virus or bug, it wouldn't get better and then worse again? The little guy has seemed fine otherwise - acts mostly his normal self. I have thought for the past day or two that perhaps he is acting a little bit less talkative than normal and thought maybe he was shivering a couple of times this morning, almost a bit shaky, but then too I wonder if I am just looking for things that may not be there. He was teething a bit a few days back, and I thought perhaps it could be that, but I haven't seen his fingers in his mouth in the past couple of days. Any ideas what this could be? Bug that needs to run its course? A bacteria that needs to be treated with antibiotics? Related to teething? I hate to go dashing off to the doctor's office for no reason, but wonder if I should.


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    If it keeps up I would take him to the ped just to rule out other stuff. Two of my kids have had "toddler diarrhea". Nothing but looser stools a couple times a day, can last off and on for what seems like forever! If he is acting fine and not running a temp and eating and drinking ok, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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