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What does a "blood clot" look like?

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    What does a "blood clot" look like?

    After reading Missy's thread, I started wondering....

    I know you can't see many blood clots, but there are some that can be seen, right? I'm just wondering b/c during my pregnancy, I gained a TON of weight! Like 55 pounds! (10 months later...still working on the last 5 pounds.) Anyway, I noticed a bulging vein looking thing on the inside of my leg at the bend of my knee. I got a lot of vericose veins (sp?) b/c of my heftiness during pg, so I thought the lump (soft) was just probably due to that as well. It's gone now. Completely. But, could it have been a blood clot that has moved???? I recently read an article about clots and it said pg can cause them. Do any of you have experience w/ blood clots?
    Edited to add - I don't have any pain now. For a few weeks I ached in my knees (both of them), but nothing now.

    (I'm just asking b/c a friend of mine had one in her leg after surgery that ended up in her lung. She almost didn't make it to the hospital in time. )

    Thanks for any help w/ this!
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    Well I had a 6 inch blood clot in my left arm starting just before the bend in my elbow, running up my arm to my arm pit. I could not see anything, nothing, no bumps, no bruising. The only reason I found mine was I also had some veins below the blood clot that were messed up. I went for them and they found the blood clot by doing a Dopler U/S.

    I had a bad IV in the hospital when I had a kidney stone removed. The place where the IV went in was where the veins looked bad on the outside but I couldn't see or feel the blood clot at all.
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    jill, i've heard many women say that they developed vericose veins due to pg that dissipated over time. although vericose veins cause pain, my understanding is that if you have a blood clot, and especially that close to the surface, the entire area would be extremely painful, red, swollen, warm/hot to the touch.

    also, your baby is almost 1, and i wouldn't think a blood clot could just roam around your body for a year without causing a problem. i'm sure it's ok

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    If you had a blood clot in your leg (a deep vein thrombosis), the common symptoms are: swelling of the leg, warmth and redness of the leg, pain that is noticeable, or worse when standing or walking.
    They are more common in people aged over 40 and in people who are obese, or who have already had a DVT. Several inherited conditions make the blood more likely to clot than usual, increasing the risk. Other risk factors are; prolonged bed rest, (immobility), major injuries, or paralysis, surgery, especially if it lasts more than 30 minutes, or involves the leg joints or pelvis, cancer and its treatments, which can cause the blood to clot more easily, long-distance travel, because of prolonged immobility. It is unclear whether or not air travel is more risky than other long journeys - for example by car or coach, pregnancy and childbirth - related to hormone changes that make the blood clot more easily and because the fetus puts added pressure on the veins of the pelvis. There is also risk of injury to veins during delivery or a cesarean. The risk is at its highest just after childbirth
    taking a contraceptive pill that contains estrogen. Most modern pills contain a low dose, which increases the risk by an amount that is acceptable for most women
    hormone replacement therapy (HRT). For many women, the benefits outweigh the increase in risk. Other circulation or heart problems are also a risk factor for DVT.

    it is unlikely that a superficial bump would be a DVT, sounds more like a varicose vein. Have you tried compression hose?
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