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Poor Quality Ovulation?

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    Poor Quality Ovulation?

    I am a new member & here is my story: After an endometrial biopsy, my dr told me I have "poor quality ovulation - uterine lining was not thick enough ". She gave me a prescription for Clomid which I decided not to take during this cycle...want to research all options & completely understand my situation b/f doing that.

    My Question: What do you think "poor quality ovulation" means? What questions should I ask my doctor? I'm thinking about acupunture treatment before trying the Clomid - thoughts on that?

    Background: Conceived my daughter on first try over 4 years ago...been TCC#2 for over a year. I am 34 (almost 35).

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    If I were you I would ask your Dr exactly what that means. The clomid will help to make at least one lead follie which should lead to ovulation. Do you ovulate on your own?

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    The dr told me I ovulated....I guess that is why I am confused. Just a "poor" ovulation.

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