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high e2 levels after 4 days of estrace???

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    high e2 levels after 4 days of estrace???

    Hoping for some thoughts on e2 levels during FET. I have way too much experience with IVF but little with FETs.

    I just had b/w after 4 days of estrace and and my e2 is already at 1025! Nurse said this was great and I don't have to go back for b/w until CD 14 for u/s and b/w. I was originally scheduled for b/w on CD9.

    So now I'm just supposed to follow the calendar and continue with the estrace but upping my dose. I did 1mg (1 pill) morning and night CD 1-CD5 (tonight is CD 5) and then starting tomorrow, I increase to 2mg (2 pills) 2x/day. Then CD 10-14 I increase to 3mg (3 pills) 3x/day.

    I'm just worried that my e2 is going to be sky high by next Thursday (CD 14)

    Oh and I'm taking the estrace vaginally.

    Let me know what you think of my level when you get a chance. Thanks!
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    I don't know much about e2 levels in FETs either. But I don't think a high level is a concern when you are not producing eggs. During a fresh cycle, it has to be carefully monitored because they don't want you to hyper stim. With a FET, they are only concerned with building your lining and it sounds like you are well on your way to a great one. If you're office says the levels are great, I'd say your levels are great. Overall, your estrace protocol seems standard. Best of luck!
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