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FET blast transfer after failed fresh IVFs?

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    FET blast transfer after failed fresh IVFs?

    IVF #1 was a chemical pregnancy after a single embryo transfer (SET). Instead of doing a FET, even though I had frozen blasts, I did another fresh cycle. I also did a SET, because I really did not want twins. That cycle was a BFN. I have a bunch of frozen day 5 blastocysts. Looking for success stories/encouragement given my situation. I feel pretty awful having failed 2 IVFs, but since I did SET, it was only 2 embryos. I am lucky to have a bunch of frozen blastocysts, many of which are very good quality, so I am hoping to have success with a FET. At least the process is definitely less stressful. Anyone have success w/ a FET after multiple failed fresh cycles? Looking for positive reinforcement going into this FET ... and any tips/advice for the FET process?

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    From what I've read, double embryo transfers ARE more successful than SETs but having two separate single embryo transfers yields just about the same success rate. If money is not a factor, it seems that single embryo transfers are the way to go. Also, a lot of people feel that FETs are better than fresh cycles because they are so much easier on the body. Way less meds, less intrusive, less stress. The reason fresh cycles tend to seem more successful is they use the best embryos for the fresh cycle and freeze the rest. If you have good quality blasts, then that really isn't an issue for you. Fresh cycles are really hard on your body. You may find that the relative ease of the frozen transfer will be much kinder to you and result in a better chance for implantation. I hope so!!! Best of luck.

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    I have had success with both. I also only now do eSETs. With my current pregnancy I did 3 FETs (eSETS) that were BFN. Then I did a fresh transfer of another eSET. Yep, BFN. I was feeling pretty defeated at that point because we transferred the best embryo. Then we did another FET (eSET again) and I am now almost 24 weeks pregnant with a singleton. So, whether it is fresh or frozen it can work!

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    Sorry to here about your failed cycles. Those for me were devestating. Having said that my !st failed I drank one cup of decaf coffee, and didn't do acupuncture and rested for the first 24 hrs and than took it easy, it resulted in a BFN. My second FET I strictly avoided all caffeine, did acupuncture and added 81mg baby Asprin and got plenty of bedrest post transfer. So far so good. Can't swear that it helped but it was the same thing that I did with my fresh cycle that resulted in my DS. Hope that helps. I would stick to the rule to do what you won't second guess yourself about if you get the BFN.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

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