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Cancelled FET Cycle

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    Cancelled FET Cycle

    Hi all, if you have any info on linings, or stories and such, please respond:

    My first FET was just cancelled after 4 weeks of Lupron - 20 units a day.
    I was not put on birth control first like many of the protocols I have seen.
    I started Lupron on July 22, got my period 1 week later. Apparently my uterine lining wasn't going down enough; it got to 6 mm while my "lupron period" lasted for 8 days. I did have a few clots left over that eventually passed. On my last U/S on Aug. 14, my lining had risen to a 7 and my estrogen went up from below 20 to a 58. My doctors said I was beginning my LH surge (ovulating), as my estrogen was starting to rise on its own, without taking the estradiol pills. So, they finally cancelled me saying I wasn't responding to the Lupron this cycle. I am extremely disappointed.

    My nurses told me my next cycle will differ in that I will take birth control pills starting on day 1, and they want to do another hysteroscopy to see if there are any polyps or cysts hanging around. I just had one done in Feb., but they said all kinds of things can grow in a few months. I'm not sure what difference the bcp will make in my protocol, and I know I was on that evil Lupron for way too long. I just want my embryos in! What should I insist on this time around???? Any experience with this is greatly appreciated.

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    Preg mentioned...

    I have had 3 FET cycles cancelled for various reasons. One of them being due to an LH surge. There is nothing they can do once your body tries to ovulate, but cancel. But next time, they should be changing their protocol and checking on you earlier. You were on a high dose of Lupron for a long time. My understanding is that the BC pills and Lupron work together to supress ovulation, but not everyone needs both. Make sure they put you on both this time. My 4th FET did not include Lupron or BC pills, because they felt they had "learned' my cycles and did not need it. They did have me on estrogen from the very beginning though. I am sure the reasoning behind the estrogen other than it builds your lining and keeps a pregnancy.

    Good luck and be proactive. I was and it has paid off..I am 9w pregnant.

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