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What is Gender Selection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexbrown65897 View Post
    If you want to truly select for a boy or a girl in IVF, it is recommended to use MicroSort to sort the sperms and then use the sorted frozen sperm for IVF. Otherwise, it's quite likely that your highest grade embryo is in the non-desired gender. Good luck!
    Actually this method may not work. We did MicroSort to sort the sperms in 2013 in Mexico ( this method is not authorized in USA yet), my husband's sperm was sorted and cryopreserved and shipped in liquid nitrogen to USA fertility clinic. We had IVF procedure ,and when embryologist thawed all five vials , the sperm quality was very poor. Most of it lost the motility and had bad morphology. My husband had to give a fresh sample to embryologist in order to proceed with fertilization.
    I agreed that PGD method of gender selection is more reliable.
    Me (44) PCOS (AMH 6.3)
    DH (47) normal

    IVF #1 2001 -twins ( with the same DH as now)
    Ectopic 2010
    IVF #2 November 2012 - PGD abnormal
    IVF #3 March 2013 -failed, no blasts
    IVF #4 July 2013 - PGD abnormal
    IVF # 5 January 2014- BFN
    IVF # 6 December 2014 - 1 normal 5D blast by PGD
    FET March 2015 -transfer of PGD normal blast failed- BFN

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    Good luck, dear! I'm sure you'll get a pretty baby-boy!

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    The question of choosing the sex of a child will always arise. That's how people are, someone like the girl who dreamed about the boy. Couples want to believe that it is in their hands to be that magic wand, by means of which they decide who to be born a boy or a girl. Patients often ask whether there is any possibility to increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl rather than a boy. Whether the child's sex is somehow related to the fact how long sperm are inside a woman if the child's sex depends on the day of conception, from the diet, which adheres to both male and female. Answer all of these questions with absolute accuracy can not no doctor, as from a scientific point of view, no one method is not proven.

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    FYI, second OPU, we did gender selection. 17 eggs with ICSI. 9 made it. PGS revealed 7 were normal and were all girls.
    Little Killian born at 9.59pm on 30th April 2016

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