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Insurance frustration

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    Insurance frustration

    So I just completed my first FET (second attempt at TTC), and after many ups and downs for over 3 months, it was a bust. I've been trying to get motivated to start another IVF cycle, so as usual I made my call to the insurance company to ensure coverage beginning of next year. Well, I work for the federal government, and since the government doesn't have to abide by state law, they decided to drop all fertility coverage. I am now immediately regretting having taken such a long break to try again. I had the insurance coverage for over 3 years, and poof, it's gone. I took advantage and just always assumed that since I work for the government, I would always be covered. So now, not only am I dealing with the major disappointment of our FET not working, I am now confronted with the major blow that our insurance dropped fertility coverage. The fear of it failing again is a legitimate concern of mine, especially now that we have to pay thousands of $'s. My younger self would have never thought it would be this difficult to have a biological baby! All I want is just 1!!!!!!

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    OMG! What, not even a limited lifetime max! Gone. Crazy. Call HR immediately. That's insane.

    The silver lining to my multiple pg losses was that my insurance considered my treatments as "medical" (unlimited) and not "infertility" (limited). However, that didn't happen until I called HR and was assigned an insurance liaison, so sometimes I wonder if the policy was "found" under scrutiny.

    Hugs in this difficult time.
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    I am sorry. But I think you should't give up. Good luck

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