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    Quote Originally Posted by ecogrrl View Post
    Yes, I know my clinic does sedation for retrieval, but again, it's not offered for transfers. This is my 6th transfer, 5th FET. Not sure why people keep bringing this up as my question was asking if anyone on here has had a shot of demerol for their transfer. If you saw my original post, I said that I have always done valium and vicodin and that's why I was looking for something stronger. Again, asking for experiences from those who've had demerol to assist with a transfer.
    I have not had it with transfer but I have had it for other procedures. It made me euphoric at first then super sleepy. Every time I get demerol, I end up just sleeping it off.

    Me: 41, DH: 42.
    Tubal factor and POF (AMH .33).
    IVF #1, #2: BFN.
    FET #1: chemical.
    9/02. Surgery to remove hydrosalpinx.
    IVF #3: BFN.
    FET #2: BFP
    FET #3:BFP
    IVF #4 BFP B/G Twins!.
    IVF #5 DE FET May. BFP, EDD 2/2/18.

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    6th & final round of DEIVF (post-ERA!) coming soon
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    Just a heads-up post transfer (today is 1dp5dt) that it was completely smooth sailing with Demerol - not only did it relax me more than Valium, it relaxed me so much that for the first time in 8 procedures (5 DEIVF, 2 biopsies, and 2 past IUIs before all that), I did *not* need my cervix to be manually dilated!!! I was so chill, just a bit dizzy getting up off the table, but otherwise totally fine, no napping afterwards, no nausea, nothing - just drove home (well, husband drove) and watched a movie with and walked around the garden in the sunshine. All good, no regrets, and very glad I wasn't anesthetized for the transfer.

    HIGHLY recommend Demerol for anyone who has to get manually dilated due to a small cervix - it was the world's fastest embryo transfer, I swear

    Also brought in a blanket to put over the non-needled parts of me during the pre/post acupuncture at the fertility clinic, and put Chopin's Nocturnes on the iPod and turned out the lights in the room to totally zone out before - nice way to do our final attempt at DEIVF
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    I should be starting a new IUI cycle sometime this week. This go around my Dr is doubling my Clomid to 100 and adding injectibles and progestersone. Has anyone had goodluck with this combination? This will be my first cycle like this, before I was just on 50 Clomid.

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    Hi lady's I had my iui on April 30 now I'm in the tww😊

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