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What type of cancer did you or your DH/DW/DP have?

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    ...the news I never wanted to hear has been confirmed.... what now?
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    Lymphoblastic Lymphoma -- 1994 -- going back to St. Jude to do a follow up study on the experimental protocal used --- medications may have infertility issues involved.

    Bone cancer --- 2005 .... 2 rounds of chemotherapy -- in remission...

    Skin cancer -- refused chemotherapy --- 6 surgeries later, I am still in remission (1 year ago) ....

    I have a barely functioning immune system and kidney problems to boot! lol ... infertility on top of all of this is just ...... well.... difficult

    However, I am sooooo happy to be alive and married to my best friend and hero!

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    I'm baaaaack
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    DH had stage 3 testicular cancer in his early 20's...chemo and a slew of drugs have left the soldiers useless. He froze a sample immediately after being diagnosed and just hours before surgery. Unfortunately, we waited to long to use them (20 years) so let's just say the embryologist is earning her money, trying to find that needle in a haystack.

    If your DH has undergone chemo or radiation, you'd be smart to get a sperm fragmentation test. Count and motility may be fine but if they're severely fragmented (as they are in our case), then better to find out before you go through 4.5 rounds, like we did.
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    DH: 46, cancer survivor
    ME: 36, hashimotos
    IFV / ICSI #1- BFN
    IVF / ICSI #2- Ectopic
    IVF / ICSI #3- M/C
    IVF / ICSI #4 - BFN.
    FET #1 - BFN
    IVF #5 - feb 2013 (Donor sperm) - BFN
    FET #2 - May 2013 - BFN (DS found to be defective)
    IVF #6 - New RE - freeze all. FET 5/2015 -BFP -twins, great heartbeats but MC@7.5 weeks.
    FET #4 - 10/2015 - BFP -awaiting beta

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    Old thread, but just an update.

    I had lymphoma and an SCT in 2009. I was fortunate enough (and really pushed) to do fertility preservation ahead of time. My Doctor (oncologist) had initially told me that I wouldn't need it, but I ended up being in that 10% that relapsed and had an SCT and would lose fertility. I urge everyone to seek fertility preservation beforehand and push for it. Most clinics will offer a significant discount, and honestly it only takes around a month or so for the entire process (if you are on BC pills). Which doesn't really push back your chemo timeframe that much (getting appointments, insurance, etc all takes time to sort out anyways). For me I was already taking BC (as a young woman) so the whole process took around 3 weeks total from start (BC prep) to finish (fertilization/freezing embryos). I ended freezing embryos (3 day old ones), and had around 18 frozen. I wasn't married yet, but I was engaged, and fiance *now husband* was fine with going through with it. Nowadays you can just freeze your oocytes (for those who are single), but I think embryos are still give a better chance of pregnancy.

    Anyways, I have 3 children now (twins +1). I took me a total of 5 FET cycles and these are with 3d frozen embryos. My first FET was a chemical, second- totally failed, screwed up meds, started bleeding before the FET. 3rd one was the charm for my twins. Then I ended up doing 2 more FETs for my 3rd child. Fourth FET was negative, Fifth gave me my precious little one. Nowadays technology is better and I think rates are higher with Blastocysts, but at the time that was all my hospital had been doing.I have no more embryos left. I honestly would love a 4th child, but since that's probably not an option, we'll get a dog instead.
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    Get the dog ! Such a great update, enjoy your 3 kids!

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