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  1. Bedrest Musings

    I spent the day in a pile of crochet. This is a good sign. Any activity that invites me into a state of "flow" is a good thing. The day has literally flown by. First time in three weeks of bedrest that I've had a day like this. PROGRESS!! The best part is that, unlike everything else I've ever done in my life, I've now decided that there is NO PURPOSE/ NO PROJECT that I am completing with crocheting. I am just doing it for the sake of doing it. If I end up making baby blankets ...

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  2. Emily's Affirmations for pregnancy after infertility (3rd trimester bedrest edit)

    I love and approve of myself.
    My body knows how to grow this baby.
    I trust my body.
    I love my body.
    I trust our baby.
    This baby chose me to be her mommy.
    We are already great parents.
    I am worthy of being a mother.
    Food is medicine.
    Every hand that touches me is a healing hand.
    I am safe.
    I am calm.
    Our baby is safe.
    Our baby will stay safe inside until the time is right.
    I am pregnant. ...
  3. Pregnancy After Infertility Affirmations

    I trust my body.
    I love my body.
    I am fertile.
    My body knows how to grow a baby.
    I trust our baby.
    I love our baby.
    This baby chose me to be his or her mommy.
    We are already great parents.
    We are an effective team.
    I am worthy of being a mother.
    Food is medicine.
    I trust the doctors and nurses.
    Every hand that touches me is a healing hand.
    I am safe.
    I am calm.
    The baby is safe. ...
  4. The "Key" to Successful Treatment... Our journey to a clinical pregnancy

    Keeping in mind, of course, that every woman's body is different and a doctor should always be consulted before one makes any changes to her protocol... here are some snippets of our story that you may find helpful as you navigate the fertiity world and plan next steps:

    We were told by our doctor that he had only had 6 couples in his clinic not “take home a baby” after 3 fresh cycles of IVF. Sadly, we became his “lucky number 7”. This is not an “honour” I take lightly, and it was ...
  5. Father's Day: Loss Mentioned

    This Father's Day is a particularly tough one for us, as we just found out yesterday morning that we lost an early pregnancy. :'( I wanted to believe that it was just a postiive beta leftover from the HCG shot but the nurse assured me that HCG was elevated because a baby started to implant and then decided not to stick around. This is the first time we've had anything other than a zero on our beta, but instead of celebrating I had to say hello and goodbye to my little one on the same day.
  6. Leading up to "Mother's Day"

    For my peeps who are also stuck on the infertility treatment ladder/rollercoaster:

    I am proud to say that I am already a mother. I just haven't met my child yet. I have already been a mother to five beautiful embryos, celebrated their blessed creation and each intricate cell division, and mourned the losses when each decided that he or she was unable to stay on this Earth. I am a nurturer, a caregiver, and a role model for the many children in my life (none of whom happen to be ...
  7. Life Lessons from Furbabies

    My furbaby has nurtured me through many hard times, including 13 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVF cycles. She taught me how to meditate and how to stay in the moment when anxiety strikes. She taught me how to stretch, how to nap, and how to enjoy... REALLY enjoy simple pleasures. I owe her so much more than I can ever repay.

    I was talking with my vet on the phone about establishing a timeline cutoff for my Furbaby's nausea to stop before taking her to the emerg clinic and possibly ...
  8. Planning our third and final IVF... overwhelmed!

    The Doc and I discussed a bunch of variations to the IVF protocol to maximize egg quality and quantity and implantation rates. The power to the building went out right at the beginning of our discussion so we could not pull up computer files on past cycles. We reviewed the information that we had on paper file as well as some articles I had brought from medical journals. Our appointments are usually 10-15 minutes long. This one was very long, but it needed to happen.

    Funny--for ...
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  9. Photos of our eggs being ICSI'd and the resulting embabies!!

    I'm a bit of a nerd so I requested photo documentation of the creation of our beautiful embabies. For anyone else out there who wants to know what the process looks like... the creation of life is truly a miracle!!

    Please click on the blue words below to see the annotated photos!

    ICSI January 2013.doc

    Updated 01-27-2013 at 04:28 PM by wannabebe2

  10. Daily Inspiration

    Quote Originally Posted by wannabebe2 View Post
    Some inspiration for today from my daily meditation book: "Don't stop now. Relax as much as you can. Know that the rhythm of life is still there, moving you forward. Don't look back. Focus intently on each stop. Soon you will reach the top. Soon you will reach your goal. Soon you will experience the victory. Keep your eyes focused on the path; look straight ahead. Embrace the thrill of the climb." --M. Beattie
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