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  1. Why You Really Need a Pap-Smear Test? - Dr. Rifaat Salem

    Experts told to have a pap-smear test annually and it is not the favorite day of anyone, said Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. Wearing a slipping paper-blanket and open legs in front of someone is very uncomfortable but it is required for health as it saves you from numerous diseases. There is no doubt that pap-smear is very important for vagina health as it helps to detect ay cancerous tissues in the cervix and helps to treat them in advance. If you have an abnormal pap-smear test, then doctor Rifaat Salem ...
  2. Infertility and Dr. Rifaat Salem

    When it comes to infertility, Dr. Rifaat Salem MD is the best choice to conceive successfully with the advanced techniques. Infertility is the common issues in couples which are caused due to our modern lifestyle, smoking, alcohol conjunction and mistakes made in childhood. But no need to worry, if you are suffering from such issues as Doctor Rifaat Salem is here to treat you through the best treatments.

  3. Dr. Rifaat Salem Reveals ICSI Process and Difference From IVF

    Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection is another advanced fertility technique or a modification of In-Vitro Fertilization as said by Dr. Rifaat Salem MD. During ICSI, the doctor takes a single sperm and directly inject it into the egg which increases more chances of fertility. ICSI is a moderated technique of the IVF or we can say that it's more advanced than IVF which increases the fertility chances rather than IVF as doctor Rifaat Salem revealed.

  4. Problems You May face During Pregnancy - Dr. Rifaat Salem

    Pregnancy is the best part of a woman life and as it says the second birth of a woman and it is not simple as it shows as said by Dr. Rifaat Salem. There are quite a few hiccups you may face during pregnancy but are very common and are listed below:

    Gums Bleeding: Swelling and pain in gums is common during pregnancy, especially when you brush. Bleeding can also be noticed which is just due to hormonal changes, there is nothing to be worried about this, Rifaat Salem MD said.
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  6. it's been years!

    i have spent some time rereading my blog today. fertile thoughts was a lifeline for me while i was going through infertility/adoption/high risk pregnancy. i wonder how many of the old timers are still around?
  7. Kidney cancer can lead low sexual activity of female

    A healthy and sexual life is very important for building up a better relationship. When any one of the partner lacks in fulfilling the sexual needs of another, it might be negative impact their relationship. But the most infuriating condition where a female undergoes libido.

    Sexual activity is a condition where a female faces low sexual drive. But it was found that, the kidney cancer can lead females into a sexual stage. It is a little bit shocking and embarrassing too, but it is ...
  8. My new at home Job!

    This week will be my first week teaching Chinese student online! It sounds very intimidating but I am ready to make a little extra money while my babies sleep!

    I cant sell anything. I hate marketing but I do spend a lot of time with kids! I have a degree but I choose to stay home with my kids! (It took a lot of work to get those kids and I am going to enjoy them!) Yall, I found the perfect job that I can work evenings and nights. Pick my own schedule. It sounds too good ...
  9. New to IVF and very confused!

    Quote Originally Posted by Galindo View Post
    Hello not sure if this is the right forum but we are trying IVF for the first time I'm 40 low sperm count in the 9 million and my wife is 39 with a 13 egg follicles. We did test at PFC but But not sure we liked them and insurance willl only pay for labs and maybe some
    Medicine. We went to DR zouves seminar and liked it but I also have been looking at Bay IVF DR Polanski? Please help with any advice this is our first try with IVF and was wondering which clinic is better and what would the
  10. 6 products that are useful for high blood pressure

    Unfortunately, no one is immune from high blood pressure. Hypertension was the companion of life for millions of people around the world, and it is well known that she provokes more serious diseases, including heart attacks and strokes. But do not despair - your health is in your hands, because with the help of the pressure can be significantly reduced only food.

    1. red bell pepper

    According to scientific data, vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, regulates blood composition ...
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