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  1. IVF overseas?

    Quote Originally Posted by AncaMaria View Post
    Hello all you mommies to be,

    About Overseas IVF, I came across many affordable and promising packages in Georgia. This destination is beginning to be quite popular on the internet for example World-Class Surrogacy + Egg Donation in Tbilisi, Georgia or Top Notch Surrogacy Cryopreserved Embryos in Tbilisi, Georgia and I found many more.
    Does anyone here has some experience with that ?

    Good luck and health to you all!
  2. Delicious foods that increase the volume of sperm naturally

    Diet is playing a crucial role to increase the volume of sperm naturally. Consuming right foods increase the growth of healthier sperm. So you need to make some changes in your diet such as eliminate the intake of processed foods and increase the consumption of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Here are the lists of top rated foods which reduce the risk of low sperm count and you feel much better physically and mentally.

    We all know the importance of zinc mineral, ...
    Infertility , Health
  3. Is Ukraine a good country for the surrogacy program??

    Quote Originally Posted by lubird View Post
    ladies who experienced surrogacy in ukraine..can you please help me. How is there? what clinic did you use? is there a good quality of the medicine? What about all this shooting stories? May be im panicking too much..

    its so stressful I dont want to wait any more im 45 and dream about child for so long..

    Thanks Laura xx
  4. Mobile marketing strategy for 2016

    With over half of all web traffic being driven through mobile and even more than that in certain audiences, it is more important than ever that your company is focusing on mobile marketing strategies. 2016 is the year you should be preparing a strategy and following through with it. You may already have some ideas in place, but here are a few things to keep in mind when putting together your campaign for the year.

    Online sales driving business

    It is so much easier to ...

    Updated 03-11-2016 at 01:10 AM by AndreaWilson

    mobile marketing
  5. Legal Surrogacy and Egg Donation

    [QUOTE=PlacidWay;7988937]If you are willing to travel to get less expensive treatments or better ones you should know that Surrogacy and egg donation in Georgia are totally legal and affordable! [URL="http://www.placidway.com/profile/2491/Chachava-Clinic-Reproductive-Health-Center"]Chachava Clinic[/URL] is awaiting international patients to give them opportunity take their baby with a legal birth certificate home. Affordable cost, high quality medical care modern fertility unit with state-of-the-art ...
  6. California Man Seeking To Adopt Frozen Embryos To Start Family As Single Parent

    Quote Originally Posted by williegreen95 View Post
    Hello. My name is Willie. I'm a 46 year old African-American single Christian male from a quiet, upscale neighborhood community suburb city of Moreno Valley, California just outside Los Angeles on the West Coast, never married looking to adopt frozen embryos and find a woman surrogate to carry the child (not my own) to start, build, and raise a family as a single parent. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs. I want to start and build a family as a single parent by adopting frozen embryos and
  7. Blood Purification Natural Methods

    Blood purging is restoratively termed as detoxification. Blood contain the pollutions from the consumed nourishments, breathing air and medicines or corrective items that we utilize every day. Our kidneys, lungs and lymph assume a vital part by dispensing with chemicals and poisons from the body. Detoxification offers our body to work some assistance with welling and shield our body from the genuine wellbeing inconveniences. You can normally expand the procedure of detoxification by eating right ...
  8. Healthy Tips to Cure Diseases

    Metabolic procedure of the body decides vitality level. High the digestion system is higher will be vitality level. To put it plainly, digestion system is the name given to a procedure of change of nourishment into vitality. High body's vitality is calorie blaze will likewise upgrade consequently. Quick metabolic rate can just change over nourishment into vitality quick. Along these lines, individual's endeavors ought to be about improving digestion system.

    Digestion system can be ...

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  9. blah no test yesterday.

    so my gynocogyst decided to push back the HSG testing till November 25th. I'm not upset but I was feeling optimistic knowing it would be done. she did a pap and scheduled an apt to discuss my options which frankly is a waste of time SO and I have already decided on our RE and clinic, we just wanted to get the testing done while we waited for our insurance to transition. I also spoke to the clinic and look forward to building a relationship with them they were exactly what I had hoped for. I guess ...
  10. Hsg

    Yesterday I unexpectedly got to speak to someone in my doctors office who wasn't completely incompetent after days if back and forth I was finally able to get an answer and even make the appointment. I had called last week to see if my gyno would do the HSG testing for me as we are transitioning from one insurance to another and need to wait till open enrollment which is in January. After speaking to the clinic they suggested that IF we could and insurance would cover there was some preliminary ...
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