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  1. Super p force drugs for mending ed issue

    Erectile dysfunction is an unfortunate condition found in men. Itís a biggest obstacle for male reproductive system found very embarrassing and discomforting while sharing with partners. The disorder runs for a lifetime; itís found as incurable complication. Well, itís a type of complicated condition of the penis; the condition doesnít go persistent, it arises when a person gets sexually stimulated. The penile erection lasts for some hours and gets calm naturally or by the help of the drugs. The ...
  2. possible IVF

    As our total of 9 IUIs unsucessful, I took break from treatments 6 months. We went through options, enjoyed each other and our DS, simply took time and back again at it.
    I went back to RE and did Day 3 work up. As #s are not as bad as we expected, we'd have a consult with him on Monday to see if its worse trying.
    Financially, we'd only be able to finance one shot and not sure its worth trying. I know due to my age, my #s, it might at least take few cycles...
    any comments, ...
  3. 9dp3dt have question

    Hello everyone today is my 9 days and I took 4 tests at home..I couldn't help myself 2 came error and 1 negative saved 1 for another day. I also did blood work they added prometrium 2x at night on top crinone I think spelled right and another blue pill lol. I had miscarriage in 04 and we finally saved money do I f I did 1 transfer. Was wondering if anyone had success because I been crying so bad. Wednesday is long away but hoping for best. I have lower pain like twitching chest sensitive and so ...
  4. Life on planet Infertility

    Life on planet infertility means strange diets
    No wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol
    It means lots of forum posts and tears
    Lots of doctors visits and vaginal ultrasounds
    It means time off work, money spent, blood tests
    And the constant thundering biological clock
    Tick-tock tick-tock in your head
    It means pinning your hope on IUIs and IVFs
    But most of all you live in constant fear
    That you may never escape
    This awful place
  5. Sleep Apnea In Detail

    Considering that the human body is gifted with many abilities, people are prone to use it left, right and centre without giving it any rest or source of nourishment. Though the human body is built in with an immune system and energy creation process, majority of the times, the human body can adjust and adapt to the changes and deficiencies on its own. However, if the negligence continues human body can become prone to various health problems that can badly affect the functioning of the body. Thus, ...
  6. Any success with injectables and timed intercourse?

    We are Starting our first session of injections and timed intercourse without iui this time and I was wondering if anyone has had success with this and/or if anyone knows any secrets or Any advice to have a successful chance to have a baby any input or advice or experience testimonys will help. 👶😻
  7. Silly Lyrics for my embryos during my 2week wait after IVF

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Maybe I didn't have you
    Quite as early as I should have
    Maybe coz I didn't know
    Reasons why kids I couldn't have
    But this time I've had IVF done
    And I finally have embies

    You are always on my mind
    You are always on my mind

    Updated 02-24-2015 at 12:44 AM by weary

  8. Use target coupons and improve your bank balance

    Savings do happen- only at Target

    In todayís world where the price is always increasing there is little hope of you making some savings. Savings now seem like an uncommon word, but there are some stores like Target that are on a mission to save this word from extinction. It all started with Good fellow Dry Goods store in the year 1902. It was George Draper Dayton who started the store which was later famously called Dayton Company. The company that laid its foundation by offering ...

    Updated 01-21-2015 at 02:24 AM by KathyBonetti

  9. infertility treatments make me feel like Sisyphus

    Treatments are a lot of doctors visits, blood tests, vaginal ultrasounds, expensive medications, injections, lots of injections and most of all a build-up of hope. Only to watch it all fail and start from scratch again.

    Just like Sisyphus in Greek mythology Sisyphus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Post your high fsh/premature ovarian failure success story here

    My success story is as follows - FSH as high as 46.1. Measured AMH of 0.43 over a year prior to successful conception. I did stockpiling protocol. Never brought up more than 2-3 follicles and never more than 2 eggs retrieved. Had one day 5 blast that was frozen June 2013 and then two months later one fresh day 5 blast. Had both embryos transferred in August (one FET and the other fresh). We went two for two! Found out at week 6 scan there were two heartbeats and everything measuring on track ...
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