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16 dpiui : and BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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UPDATE:I just called my RE's office for beta and they nicely warned me that my second ovideril shots may be still in system and gave me some warning to not to get too excited. My beta is scheduled on Monday at 3:15 and i won't know the result until Tuesday morning... another killer waiting days....

so i woke up at 5:30 as my usual wake up time and did BBT. up 0.3 from my normal coverline for LP.

so I pOASed! and i cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poor DH just went to bed by 5am and being waken up by melol
i told him it was positive and my mother miscarried before, so i am hoping not to miscarry. On top of that, i do have a 3cm fibroid outside of uterus still.

But this is surreal. I am not going to tell anyone until my first trimester is passed. I just never sought my first try would work so i was patient to POASed, cus i thought "nah, first try doens't usually work so i need not to get too excited about this" and i didn't have any physical symptoms besides i am really sleepy. I am a teacher, so i am always tired anywayz.

man. the test was nice clear positive line.....

Updated 09-26-2009 at 06:52 AM by Mrs A



  1. Blue's Avatar
    congrats congrats congrats
  2. jenmom2myboys's Avatar
  3. virga's Avatar
    I just love seeing those two lines even if it's not my test!
  4. BC-Shelli's Avatar
    Congrats!!! I was hoping to see good news from you this morning!!! Now praying for a good beta number!
  5. ohio_grl's Avatar
    Congratulations Mrs.A!!!! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy!!
  6. Blessedmama24's Avatar
  7. CrystalAZ's Avatar

    So happy to hear this news. I bet you are over the moon excited. You're gonna be a momma!
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