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  1. PGS or no PGS with one embryo? Please share your experience.....

    Hello Ladies,

    I'm not a blogger type, in fact I really don't like writing.... But I thought it would be helpful to share my battle with infertility and see if there is someone out there who has been in my situation and ended up having a positive outcome.
    A little history..... When my husband and I decided to have children, we got pregos on the first try. It was so unbelievable that I took several tests to make sure that was the case. It seemed so simple, so I let work and ...
    Infertility , Pregnancy
  2. Clomid Cycle One - Day 4 of 5

    Yesterday was both one of the best and worst days I've experienced in a long time. To begin, in Texas, it was about 100 degrees yesterday - although it felt quite a bit hotter - and my hot flashed came with vengeance.

    I usually keep the fans on in the house with the AC set to about 77-78 (which is a pretty significant delta to begin with) but yesterday I was sweating by 9am and had to turn the thermostat down to about 72. My energy bill will surely reflect ...

    Updated 08-06-2014 at 04:19 PM by ThisTimeAround

    Infertility , Everyday Life , Relationships , Health
  3. Clomid Cycle One - Day 3 of 5

    Officially the "hump" of Clomid Cycle One!

    So far so good ... I had a little bit of trouble with my emotions yesterday, but nothing a little pep-talk from my DH couldn't fix. I've been very upfront with him through out this process and he's been an amazing supporter. He always says that we're in this together.

    Last night, towards the evening, I started to feel a heavy sensation in my right ovary - it may be my imagination, but it feels a bit swollen. I'm ...
  4. Clomid Cycle One - Day 2 of 5

    What I was expecting: Holy hot flashes Batman!

    What I experienced: It's a little warm in her, how about a glass of ice water?

    All in all, I'm feeling pretty good. No real change in mood or issues with temperature. I would say that I slept through most of the side effects, but considering it's the weekend and I haven't been getting to sleep until well past midnight each night, I'm pretty sure I'm not experiencing any of the big ones. The only strange effect I ...

    Updated 08-03-2014 at 12:36 PM by ThisTimeAround

    Infertility , Health
  5. Getting Ready for IVF Cycle number two

    Hi Ladies! I'm blogging for Fertility Authority. My blog sums up my journey to IVF cycle #2:

    The journey to become pregnant is fraught with emotion and, as you know, can be quite the roller-coaster ride. Today, more so than ever before, many women put their education and career at the forefront of their lives during their prime fertile years, trusting that the rest will fall into place. When we finally meet the ...
    My Journey to IVF Cycle Number Two
  6. A Introduction & Clomid Cycle One - Day 1 of 5

    So after a long battle with my own conscience, my husband (33) and I (31) have collectively decided to start using medical assistance to become parents. Over the past year my OB/GYN has put my husband and I thought a battery of tests. SA came back great for my DH - they actually said that he has little "Spartans." I was both excited and depressed by this news.

    1. Husband isn't the problem - Yeah!
    2. I am the problem - Boo!

    I know I shouldn't look at ...

    Updated 08-03-2014 at 11:16 AM by ThisTimeAround

    Infertility , Health
  7. October/November/December 2013 Cycle Graduates!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lrhoades View Post
    I am new to this site but because of my story/journey I thought that I would post and give some hope to some of the older mom's to be out there!

    Mother of 3 (1985, 86 and 88) all boys (my first son died of SIDS @ 9 months)
    Tubal (cauterized in 1988)
    2005 - DH and I went to see fertility doctor to discuss options
    2006 - DH and I went to Louisville, KY and had tubal reversal
    2007-2010 DH and I could not get pregnant after trying for two years (had to wait
  8. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and LEPTIN tests

    Has anyone with HA gotten their Leptin levels tested? I just did when getting tested for Vit D and my level was 2.7. It is supposed to be anywhere from an 8-39. My regular OB and Fertility Dr had never heard of it.

    I wanted to see if anyone out there had and if so if they did any treatments. Below is a link to an article that can provide some information on it. It is commonly diagnosed with obesity but now they are seeing a link with very active people (this is me)
  9. IUI with Injectables Success or about to start Treatments?

    Quote Originally Posted by MelnW View Post
    Hello I am new to this blog I am 24 years old ive been with my husband for 8 years and married for 1 year but we have been TTC for 6 years with no success. I have tried clomid too many times and femara twice but didn't respond well at all like I did with clomid. we took a two year break from treatments and are eager to try again. I have my first appt with a better dr on July 1st, 2014 to start planning our first IUI with injectables. Has anyone had success with injectables and iui? is there any
    Infertility , Pregnancy
  10. Every little girl’s dream (or how I ended up in an IVF clinic)

    As a little girl, I dreamed of the day I could complete my first IVF cycle and maybe, or maybe not, gaze into the eyes of my first born child. I daydreamed of the names of which gonadotropin drugs I’d get to inject into my belly. Would it be be an agonist, antagonist, or flare protocol? Maybe my doctor will let me use a 1” needle for my progesterone shot instead of a 1.5” because he’s worried about all those shots in my petite frame … oh, one can only hope!

    Now that that’s out ...
    Infertility , Venting
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