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  1. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and LEPTIN tests

    Has anyone with HA gotten their Leptin levels tested? I just did when getting tested for Vit D and my level was 2.7. It is supposed to be anywhere from an 8-39. My regular OB and Fertility Dr had never heard of it.

    I wanted to see if anyone out there had and if so if they did any treatments. Below is a link to an article that can provide some information on it. It is commonly diagnosed with obesity but now they are seeing a link with very active people (this is me)
  2. IUI with Injectables Success or about to start Treatments?

    Quote Originally Posted by MelnW View Post
    Hello I am new to this blog I am 24 years old ive been with my husband for 8 years and married for 1 year but we have been TTC for 6 years with no success. I have tried clomid too many times and femara twice but didn't respond well at all like I did with clomid. we took a two year break from treatments and are eager to try again. I have my first appt with a better dr on July 1st, 2014 to start planning our first IUI with injectables. Has anyone had success with injectables and iui? is there any
    Infertility , Pregnancy
  3. Every little girl’s dream (or how I ended up in an IVF clinic)

    As a little girl, I dreamed of the day I could complete my first IVF cycle and maybe, or maybe not, gaze into the eyes of my first born child. I daydreamed of the names of which gonadotropin drugs I’d get to inject into my belly. Would it be be an agonist, antagonist, or flare protocol? Maybe my doctor will let me use a 1” needle for my progesterone shot instead of a 1.5” because he’s worried about all those shots in my petite frame … oh, one can only hope!

    Now that that’s out ...
    Infertility , Venting
  4. Ivf self pep talk

    After struggling with almost four years of infertility, my DH and I have decided to dive into the depths of our first IVF treatment.

    I never saw myself going this route. We discussed adoption extensively and were certain it was right for us. We even became licensed foster parents and had our first placement through our home. It could not have gone better. The children were wonderful and were happily reunited with their mother, who had turned her life around for the better. We were ...
  5. Is it worth transfering 1 embryo

    I have 1 frozen embryo should I transfer that or take that money and use for a fresh cycle
  6. PCOS Have anyone had HIGH AMH levels?

    I just went for a second opinion and I was told I may have PCOS because my AMH is too high (10). They also told me my FSH is lower than my LH.

    They did a lot of testing today and one of them was insulin resistance.

    Can you please share with me if you have high levels of AMH ?

    Thank you!
    Tags: amh, high amh, pcos
  7. June 2014 FET Cycle Buddy Group

    Hello!! I just did a frozen 5 day blast transfer and am very excited. I had my 5 day blood test yesterday and was told it is positive!!! My hcg is pretty high (46), so could be twins at this point, but not going to get ahead of myself!! Have never posted here before, but thought it would be fun to chat with other women going through similar experiences!

    I have a 15 mo old son from ivf. We have done other transfers, one if which we got pregnant and lost the baby, while the other ...
  8. I am back !!

    Hey Everyone !

    Sorry for being away for so long I just needed sometime to myself and my family and I am back now and ready to keep going. Let’s see if I can think of any updates…hmm?
    Well Chris and & started our Liquid Diet for 60 days (yes a long time we realize but we are going to make it) along with walking in the morning before work and exercising for an hour after dinner. So far 2 lbs down (just started yesterday lol)
    Went to my doctors today and he up’d my ...
    Tags: clomid, pcos, provera
    Infertility , Pregnancy , Health
  9. New to this site, anyone out there in North Carolina?

    I joined this site, in the hopes of finding someone from North Carolina who is undergoing infertility treatment. I have been on several other forums, but have found no luck in looking for a local friend. Please reach out to me, if you are in North Carolina!
  10. I think I'm pregnant....

    I had an IUI done on May 21st. I used 100 mg Clomid for 5 days and an Ovidryl shot on the day of insertion. I have had mild abdominal cramping since my IUI. About 4 days ago my breasts became very sore and look like they have goose bumps around my nipples. This is definitely new for me. I am normally on a 26 day cycle so I thought today would be my day to test. Not sure if I calculated wrong or what but my test was negative. I am going to retest every day this week and keep my fingers crossed. Any ...
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