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My twins arrived at 31 weeks  (same as March DD Club)

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    My twins arrived at 31 weeks (same as March DD Club)

    Hi Everyone.

    I am pleased to announce the impromptu and dramatic arrival of our twins, Benjamin Oliver & Elliott Liam born January 25th 11:54 & 11:55am.

    Benjamin at 6 days (born 4lb 1 oz)

    Elliott at 5 days (born 3lbs 6oz)

    I woke up at 7.40am on Monday 21st (30weeks 6 days) to my waters breaking. At first I thought I had pee'd myself but when I stood up there was a big gush all over the floor as I got out of bed and I knew instantly what it was. I called my dh who was out walking the dog and told him to come home asap, then called the OB and told her I was on route to the hospital.

    By the time I arrived at the hospital I was having contractions, but they were irregular and we were not timing them. The first thing they did was an internal to confirm that it was my waters, and quickly saw that it was a major rupture in the lower sac of baby A. They gave me a shot of Betamethasone to mature the babies lungs, and sent me to u/s for a scan to ascertain the size and positions of the twins (A breech, B vertex). By the time I was done in u/s my contractions were 2 and a half minutes apart lasting 40 seconds and had been that way for about an hour or so, so I was really beginning to panic.

    Back in L&D they finally agreed that I was in real labour and gave me some pills (can't remember the name) to stop the contractions, and they worked within 5 minutes (relief!). They then started pumping me full of fluids and antibiotics, hooked me up to a foetal monitor and started monitoring me.

    I was in L&D for about 30 long and completely sleepless hours, before they decided I was stable enough to move to the Ante-partum ward. Where they continued to monitor me but not constantly, so I was able to sleep some.

    The plan was to try and hold out for a minimum of 48 hours so we could get 2 shots of the Beta in (each shot needs 24 hours to take effect), but we were hoping to hold out for 3 weeks. Unless I spiked a temperature of started bleeding in which case they would deliver me immediately.

    Well we only lasted 3 days. On Thursday morning at 7.30am I started having contractions again and also started bleeding, and was immediately taken to L&D.

    The bleeding was just normal bloody show, and not placental abruption, so the emergency was quickly downgraded and they let me labour for a while, while they decided on a plan of action. I had another u/s and the resident believed the twins were both vertex, so they said I could try and deliver vaginally. I have to admit, as much as I have been fighting for that chance, when it was presented to me, I was already emotionally exhausted from the roller-coaster of the last 4 days that I wasn't as thrilled as you'd think! I had totally prepared myself for a c-sec. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the Attending OB on call from my OB's practice arrived and redid the u/s and said the resident had mistakenly identified A's butt as his head, and vaginal was out of the question. To which dh replied "Are you calling my son a butt-face!"

    They decided the best thing was to let me labour for a couple of hours, to see if the labour progressed and were trying to balance, doing the c-section soon enough that it wasn't an emergency but letting me labour enough to be sure the contractions would not just stop by themselves. By 11am they agreed that I was in active labour and it was time. I was immediately wheeled into the OR and the C-section was under way in no time at all.

    More fun and games...... The c-section was no uneventful. After the boys were delivered and taken to the NICU. I started bleeding out and they were struggling to stop my bleeding. It was action stations in there, with more residents being called to help, blood being ordered, an copious amounts of clotting drugs being pumped into my IV, a 2nd line being started and then injections straight into my uterus, and suppositories in my rear. Nothing was working, and I could feel myself slipping further and further away, and dh could see it too and was very scared. Eventually they got it under control by putting a stitch in my uterus, sounds so minor a thing to change the tide, but basically the OB said that my uterus was trussed up like a pork roast in a tight log, for force it to contract. She also said that her only other option and the next step would have been a hysterectomy. Thankfully the pork roast worked... I'll never be able to tie a roast again without remembering the birth of my twins! The stitches/thread or whatever will dissolve in and my uterus should return to it's normal shape in about a week.

    I spent many hours in recovery because of the blood loss, and didn't get to see the boys until late that evening, and even then it was only for a minute or so each, on my way to the ward.

    They kept me in hospital for 5 days and discharged me Yesterday. My wound has not fully healed though, when they removed the staples on day 4, half of the incision was still open, so they had to pack it (OUCH) and I now am having home nurse visits daily to unpack and repack it (DOUBLE OUCH). I lost a lot of blood and now have severe anaemia, but am doing fine aside from the pain in the incision which is pretty bad.

    More importantly, the boys are doing great. Benjamin (Baby B through pregnancy but Baby A for the birth), needed some help breathing and had to be intubated. He had a hole in the heart which needed treating but seems to have closed over already, although he does still have a slight murmur. He also had some jaundice, but that has cleared up now too. He was taken off the ventilator yesterday and put on CPAP, and today they tried him without that for a few hours, but he got tired and had to go back on it. I did get to hold him for the first time though, which was wonderful! Tomorrow they will try him off the CPAP again, and see how he does. Basically they said his muscles aren't strong enough yet and he gets tired. I guess we have to just build them up a day at a time.

    Elliott (Baby A during pg, but B for birth) was breathing OK, but needed a little help so was only put on CPAP. He was moved to the transitional ward and taken off the CPAP after only 2 days. He also had some jaundice which has cleared that up. All he needs to do now is learn to nipple, then get big and strong. I have been able to hold him now for 3 days.

    It's been a roller-coaster 11 days and I am physically and emotionally exhausted, but I am so happy. My precious boys are here and they are doing better every day. There is nothing like holding your precious baby in your arms.

    Sorry this post is so long
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    Proud Mum to Benjamin & Elliott Born 1/25/07 at 30w6d (4lbs1oz, 3lbs6oz)

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    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful twin boys. So sorry to hear about your experience and the rough road you endured, but in the end you have two beautiful babies. I hope you have a speedy recovery and hope your boys are home in no time.


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    Congratulations! What a story!!!!!!! Jann

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    Mite- I am not sure if you remember me but we got our BFP's within a day apart. I too am preg. with twins and am currently 31 weeks 4 days..

    I am wishing you and your boys a happy and safe recovery.. Best Wishes to you..

    ME~ 32 DH~ 36 Married 9 years
    IUI#1 2/23, IUI#2 4/11, IUI#3 5/26 & 5/27~ BFN
    IVF #1~ 7/9 BFP Beta #1 12dpo 19; Beta #2 15dpo 133; Beta #3 17dpo 296; Beta #4 24dpo 3812
    US 8/1 TWINS
    8/7 Two
    B/G TWINS 2/23/07 Colin Taylor, Addison Grace

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    Wow Mite....what a horrendous ordeal you have been through!! I'm glad the babies are doing fairly well and hope they get healthier and stronger every day!! Hoping you start to heal and feel better as well! I can't believe you have already delivered. It seems like you just got your BFP!!

    Congrats to you and dh!! The babies are beautiful!!

    Lynne & DH '98
    TTC 4yrs/4-03 /5 IVF's, 1 BFP
    8/6/7-Nicholas James--The LOVE of our lives 9lbs 14.4 oz 22"
    15 month stats: 26 lbs.-75% /33-1/4"-95% Our little heffer!

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    OMG Mite, I couldn't believe my eyes that I was seeing your post! Congratulations. The boys look great. I am glad you are doing better. I know your boys will continue to grow strong and healthy and I hope you can take them both home soon!
    Amy 28 28 DH
    IVF #1 July 06 BFP
    EDD 4/15/06

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    Congrast, they are both so prescious and beautiful~!!!!!!!!!!! God bless!

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