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Progesterone suppositories vs cream

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    Progesterone suppositories vs cream

    Does any body has a good pregnancy using natural cream progesterones vs the artificial progesterone suppositories?

    I will be doing my IUI in 5 days, this is a natural cicle and I will like to keep "Natiral" as much as I can, I have read about the wonderful things about the progesterone cream.

    I think I cannot keep my past pregnancies because of a low progesterone.

    Does any body has an input?,

    Greatly appreciated.

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    I bought the natural progesterone cream from Whole Foods because I felt the same way you did but then I did a little more research. Prometrium, the progesterone a doctor would prescribe, is natural progesterone. It's a higher dose than what you would get from the cream (according to my brother-in-law who is a pharmacist). The suppositories the doctor will prescribe is probably the best bet because it will go directly into the skin in the right location.
    I had a miscarriage early last year and I insisted my progesterone be tested. I was low as well. The doctor prescribed the lowest dosage saying she wanted to see how I would respond to it before she increased the dosage. I got pregnant the first month using it. We're in our ninth week and I'm still on the progesterone for one more. By week 10, the placenta should take over. I have been taking the pill because I suffer from chronic yeast infections and the doctor was worried suppositories would make my problem worse. Everyone else I know who used progesterone to stay pregnant took the suppositories so if you can handle it, ask for that. I was going to insist if the pill didn't work.

    Good luck and hope this helps!

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