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Natural progesterone cream

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    Natural progesterone cream

    A friend was suggesting natural progesterone cream to help regulate cycles. She swears by it, and says that other friends have had really good results with it. From what I know about progesterone, I agree that this would probably help to artificially regulate your cycle -- that is, just as if you used provera every month at the same time you would have a regular pattern to AF.

    Has anyone tried progesterone cream? Do you think using the natural progesterone cream would actually help to balance unbalanced hormone levels, or would it only work while you were actively using the cream? (and does anyone knowledgeable about PCOS know whether PCOS is even an "estrogen dominant condition?" That is what the progesterone cream is suppose to reverse) My guess is that it would also totally throw off a BBT chart, b/c isn't it the progesterone that causes the temp to rise, so using the progesterone cream would cause an artificial temp rise, too (and then fall once you quit using the cream), so if I did try the cream, my temps wouldn't be a reliable indicator of O, would they? What about an OPK (not that I've ever had much luck with OPKs ) -- do you think taking progesterone cream would affect the results of an OPK?
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    I have not done it personally but have friends that have used it as well. You in a sense create an artificial "perfect cyle" every month for three months and then your body gets the hang of it and you continue to have normal cycles. If I recall correctly, if you are annovulatory this works great. You start AF, then on day 14 you use the cream for 14 days and stop and AF starts and you the same thing. If you think that you might O on your own, you have to watch out for that and start the cream for 14 days after. My friend went from no o to a normal cycle and a little boy to show for it.
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    cassie....i used progesterone cream for a while in an effort to try and balance out an progest deficiency. it's not strong enough to do that though. i didn't have issues with an irregular AF tho, so i don't know if it can help with that.

    i can tell you it did WONDERS for more PMS! i honestly don't remember what cd's i used it on but i followed the instructions for my needs, and used the max amount.

    my doc also told me for what i needed it for i wouldn't benefit and she gave me Rx strength progest.

    it also had no impact on my temps, although it might for someone else. i was on 200mg 2x daily of Rx progest and that didn't affect my temps either. BUT...i know many women can see an impact on their temps, so don't go by me alone.

    as for PCOS, i know that LH is usually elevated and can be throughout the cycle, where as with someone without PCOS, it's only elevated around ovulation time. even with normal cycles (sans PCOS) estrogen is dominant until O occurs, at which time progesterone is (supposed to be) dominant until just before AF arrives. during the LP of your cycle when progest is dominant, there's is often a temporary surge in estrogen again which is often reflected by a dip in temps. this usually occurs about a a week after O.

    my LP was very borderline with a usual length of 11-12 days. i didn't feel the progest cream helped this at all.

    as i said, it definitely has some impact on the body because it made my (rather nasty) PMS very minimal. that alone makes it worth using!

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