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Mid cycle spotting/hormonal imbalance

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    Mid cycle spotting/hormonal imbalance

    Hello*!!! I was wondering if I could get some help on some natural elements. Here is my background. I was married for 8 1/2 years and ttc for a better part of 6 years. I did get pg 4 times, but lost all 4. (2 ectopics, 2 m/c). Last year I left my husband and by AUG we were divorced. I met Ken in July...we got engaged in OCT and we are getting married this OCT. We plan on starting TTC in AUG, but right now "practicing" to better pinpoint O. I have been charting for 2 full cycles (on my 3rd) and this cycle we also added OPK's. For 3 cycles now I have had mid cycle spotting. the first cycle was just brown for a couple hours...the 2nd it lasted for 3 days...brown, then pink, then brown...this cycle I am on cd=14...spotting started yesterday...temps still down....OPK's=neg. I did have something like this happen last year at this time, but it was a full blown what appeared to be period every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. I didn't have insurance (still don't until OCT) so I went to planned parenthood and they did a HPT...it came out NEG and after the exam they told me that I most likely had a hormonal imbalance from stress. (left husband...moved out of state...looking for a job) They put me on the patch for a month and that seems to help, but now this.
    So now to my question...is there anything I can do to help with maybe low estrogen levels (that can be the reason for the spotting)???
    I would normally call a DR about this but like I said because I don't have insurance I thought maybe I can do it on my own (or with your help)

    Thank you very much*!!!

    3rd cycle charting
    TTC in AUG

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    I had spotting problems also. I would start spotting after O until AF came. I had many test done and they found nothing wrong with me. They said it was probably hormonal. I did try something from GNC called Dong Quai I think. I took it for about 3 months and I'm not kidding you it worked great. No more spotting. I quit taking it because we did an IVF cycle in April. I haven't been back on it but will if I start spotting again. You have to take it for awhile before it starts working like I said about 2-3 months before I noticed a difference. Good Luck

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