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Thieves Oil and 1 year old

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    Thieves Oil and 1 year old

    Does anyone else use Thieves Oil? I need something to help keep away the swine flu or at least make me feel like I am doing something for my kids when I put them in daycare ---- I HATE doing it but have no other alternative right now.

    Currently, I have the Youngliving Thieves spray and spray her socks adn Alex feet with it before they leave in the morning. I spray some on my hands and lightly brush the back of her shirt with it. So far, no problems. I'd like to put it on the soles of her feet since that is the more guaranteed way of it working, but the bottle says do not apply to infants. Technically she is a toddler not an infant but the warning still scares me away from it.

    Anyone use this/have thoughts on its use?
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    I use thieves oil. Caution is needed because t is a hot oil and can burn sensitive skin. I would diffuse it in your house. When applying to young children, dilte with a carrier oil like v-6, almond or olive oil. watch the area of skin and if it turns pink, add more carrier oil on top . I also suggest searching yahoo groups for young living as there are a couple very good support groups there.

    the thieves spray is already diluted and i would feel comfortable in spraying some on my hand and then applying to the bottom of the feet and then put on socks. Remember that if any get get in your eye, use olive oil in your eye and do not use water to flush as water will intensify the sting/burn.
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