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    Salpingectomy/Adhesiolysis-laproscopic surgery - Swelling/Weight Gain

    Hi -
    I had laproscopic surgery to remove a fallopian tube and adhesions 4 days ago in prep for IVF.

    The pains from the CO2 gas were the worst part of the recovery so far. However, now I have noticed the the swelling of my abdominal area isn't going down as I thought it would. I also weighed myself this AM and found that I weigh 4 pounds more than I did the day of surgery, but haven't eaten anywhere close to normal amounts of food.

    Has anyone experienced this? Is the weight gain connected to the swelling and will go away once the swelling goes down? How long until the swelling goes down?

    Thanks, Debbi
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    It's been a few years since mine was done, but I recall it was close to two weeks before I was back to normal..

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    i had a tube removed and some adhisions removed last month. it was about 2 weeks before i was really better also. i remember my doctor told me that i would be able to return to work within 3 days... so i didnt take any extra days off work. but i went back the 4th day and had to leave. standing on my feet all day really got to me. but my doctor said to get up and move around or the adhesions could come back... but i am sure that you are fine. give your body a little more time

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    I had a bilateral salpingectomy last wednesday so it's been exactly a week and my recovery went well also, but i also discovered i'd picke dup for random pounds. I thought maybe it was because how sedentary i've been during recovery so i started walking in the evening with my DH and i've lost 2 pouns in 2 days. I'm no doctor so i dont know the real cause of the weight gain...but the more active i become i'm finding the quicker it goes back away.

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