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The FertileThoughts forums, blogs and chatrooms deal with important personal areas of life. You may find that you're very comfortable sharing the details of your pregnancy and fertility issues. However, take care when revealing information that could easily allow another user to determine where you work, exactly where you live, and other specific details of your life.


In many cases, FertileThoughts moderators are volunteers who help make the forums and chatrooms a nice place to be. Please be courteous to them. They will do their best to help answer any questions you may have, but they may not have time to respond to every request.


Duplicate discussions are frustrating for everyone. Do not post duplicate discussions across several threads or categories. We encourage you to report any duplicate posts you may see.


One of the best ways to encourage more participation in these discussion boards is by sharing your very best quotes with a wider audience. So from time to time, we may take various quotes and use them in emails, advertising, and promotional efforts. If we do so, we'll only use your screen name. Also, we promise to use great care in the quotes we choose. We will never use a quote from you that is embarrassing, endangering or inflammatory.


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Federal regulations strictly FORBID sale or any type of exchange of medications online. Posting messages of that type is not allowed. This includes messages offering fertility medications for sale, or soliciting the sales of prescription medications as well as seeking to donate or receive such medication as donation. These posts will be deleted and repeat offenders may be banned from the site without further warning.For more government related information about this subject, check out


Please do not post commercial messages or solicitations in FertileThoughts' message boards or in our chatrooms. This includes messages promoting your small or home-business as well as any other businesses, request for good-cause donations, contributions, charities, etc. Furthermore please do not link to personal or commercial sites offering services (including IVF, Surrogacy, Adoption etc.) or items for sale from your signature. This is equal to advertising and will not be tolerated. If you wish to advertise please contact us and a representative will get back to you with information.

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You are not allowed to sell items on the Fertilethoughts' small business and auction boards unless you have at least 250 post on Fertilethoughts.


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Fertile Thoughts is designed to provide support to women, men, couples and singles who are building their families. We provide forums on infertility, adoption, pregnancy and parenting. Launched in 1996, and acquired by Fertility Authority in 2010, Fertile Thoughts is the world's largest social networking site focusing on fertility and infertility.